REZZ – ‘The Silence Is Deafening’ EP [mau5trap]


Isabelle Rezazadeh aka REZZ, has been making quite a new for herself through some insanely dark music. She has received massive support so far from Deadmau5 as well as Skrillex and with productions like her newest, who can blame them. Today, we have her newest The Silence Is Deafening EP via mau5trap.

The title came from a random Instagram account shown to me by a friend. He had named one of his art works ‘The Silence was Deafening’ which I found very interesting. I replaced ‘was’ with ‘is’ because I resonated more with that. The EP art was inspired by the title with its dark/erie/broken TV screen background. The songs all came together through out the span of a few months and in result sounded perfectly cohesive for this EP concept.

Download: REZZ – The Silence Is Deafening EP


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