Hoodie Allen Releases Brand New ‘Happy Camper’ Album for FREE Download

What’s better than one of the most anticipated albums of early 2016 finally dropping? How about that album being made available for free download? Hoodie Allen, being a man of the people, did exactly that when he released Happy Camper. The internet has been buzzing ever since Hoodie announced this project back in 2015, and he absolutely delivered to his rapidly growing fanbase.

Top to bottom, Happy Camper proved that Hoodie didn’t peak on his first studio album or the legendary Leap Year mixtape. Hoodie threw it back with his flow on this album while still experimenting with a lot of new sounds (including some dope Kanye-style autotune), which made for an overall great project. It’s hard to say for sure so soon after an album releases, especially when talking about an album with so many great tracks, but Happy Camper certainly has the potential to be one of Hoodie Allen’s best projects.

Free Download: Hoodie Allen – Happy Camper (Album)

iTunes: Hoodie Allen – Happy Camper (Album)

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