MOKSI Talk History, Dream Collabs, Upcoming Releases & More [Exclusive Interview]


Sam & Diego make up the Dutch duo known as MOKSI. The recent additions to the Barong Family have made their way from Holland to America performing with Yellow Claw on their Blood For Mercy tour. We at FITA were able to sit down with them at in NYC to speak about their history, inspirations, dream collabs, and much more in this exclusive interview.


1) What is the history of MOKSI? What is the meaning behind the name?

Moksi came about in September 2014 when we got together in the studio. We wanted to do something for fun. No plan or no goal what so ever. And that day we made a 45 second snippet. We named it ‘Getting Higher’ (which became one of then four tracks on the ‘Brace Yourself EP).

2) What get’s you most amped during a live set?
Waiting backstage right before going on stage. You hear the crowd and that excitement releases all sorts of chemicals in our brains. Its exhilarating..

3) What has been your favorite show to date? What’s the craziest party you’ve ever been to?
The craziest show in Europe was at Paris Social Club with the brother Jauz and the best show in the USA was probably Santa Cruz or Eugene. The craziest party we’ve been to is at Bootshaus in Cologne/ Germany. We are playing there this month, could be legendary!

4) What are the Top 5 songs on your iPod/that you listen to everyday? Favorite song to play live?
We really like what Darius (from Paris) is doing right now. Favorite song to play: Anything from the brother Joyryde.

5) Do you prefer to make originals or remixes? Favorite original or remix?
It depends. We love making remixes. Our favorite remix we did is our No Class remix for Yellow Claw & Mightyfools. Our personal favorite original is Murda Sound.

6) Who or what do you look to for inspiration?
Playing shows are the best way for us to get inspired. Also travelling. It motivates us to nail even more dope tracks.

7) With your EP ‘The Power Of MOKSI’ out now and quickly becoming an everyday favorite, was there a track on the album that you had the most fun making?
Yeah, that probably was Murda Sound. The first version was made a while back. The 8th version was the final one. The lyrics from our good friend MC Roga were perfect as well. He really nailed that one!

8) If you could collab with anyone in the industry (dead or alive), who would it be?
We like what Zara Larsson is doing lately. A Moksi & Chemical Brothers collab would also be something else..

9) What are you currently working on? Any secret collabs or projects?
We just remixed a song from Yellow Claw’s album and we remixed brother DJ Snake’s Propaganda. But a new EP is also underway including 4 New originals.

10) How was 2015 for you guys? Anything that you’re particularly excited about for in 2016?
2015 Was out of this world. We never expected Moksi to grow out to something this vibrant. Its been only 10 months since we’ve started releasing music. Because of the help from Yellow Claw and Barong Family we’ve gotten the chance to launch our music on a unique platform. 2016 Will be all about touring. Doing shows all over the world and introducing our sound to a wider audience. We are most excited about showing all the new music.

11) What is your average day like?

Studio, eat, studio, sleep, eat, studio.. It’s that simple.

12) What is the best part about being in a duo?
We keep each other on our a-game. We always want the best for our music so having 4 ears to listen to it makes it better.

13) As many artists nowadays are branching out into many different subgenres, what are your plans regarding genre expanding?
Well at first we were inspired by what was happening in the UK. We notice that since lately we are very inspired by the 00’s Fidget sound. It has more of an electro feel. You can expect more of that on the next EP. But it will always stay Moksi.

14) How do you feel about the growth of EDM? Where do you see it going?

Its an exciting time for EDM. The big artists have to make way for new (more creative) talent. I cant wait to see where the scene will be in 5 years. We expect it will be merged in all known genres..

15) What are your future plans? EP/Album? Etc?
A new EP is on the way. Our goal is to release even more music this year than we did in 2015. So stay tuned crew.

16) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Teleportation for all the obvious reasons haha.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!