Emma Dewing – Beautiful Mess (Wax Motif Version) [Free Download]

Born in Australia as Danny Chien, Wax Motif’s unique production style and fresh mixing skills have kept this rising producer in high demand. Today we have his superchilled version of Emma Dewing’sBeautiful Mess.” This is what he had to say about the release:

I was first introduced to Emma when my friend and collaborator Ely Rise showed me some of her music. He was helping develop her and I could pretty quickly see why. Everything about Emma is unique; her voice, her style, her etiquette – it all feels so genuine. Ely came to the studio the week after with the parts for ‘Beautiful Mess’. I think he was expecting me to do some banging house remix but I just let it flow and this ‘version’ is what happened, I guess you could call it my re-imagination of her single and a deeper side of my production.

Download: Emma Dewing – Beautiful Mess (Wax Motif Version)

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