The Internet Is Comparing Captured El Chapo’s Wife-beater To Kanye West’s Clothing Line

el chapo captured kanye west@TheMexicanVines Twitter

*Insert laughing so hard I’m crying emoji x 10 here*. As many of you already know, two very important things happened yesterday.

One was of course Kanye West releasing a new track “Real Friends” (with another snippet of his Kendrick Lamar collab) and finally revealing the official release date for his next album, Swish.

The other was El Chapo being captured for the 832nd time, for his next 6 month stint behind very malleable bars.

Being deep underground left the notorious drug kingpin El Chapo with apparently limited resources, as his capture has him looking mad weak, dirty, and unimportant.

By this we mean, he was rocking a stained wife-beater and not much else upon capture. And living the life of a college dorm resident (at best):

el chapo

And as the internet through Twitter was quick to point out, his wardrobe is pretty reminiscent of Kanye West’s latest line with adidas (or from The Walking Dead).

kanye west clothing line Getty Images

Arsenio Hall had some fun too..

Happy Saturday.


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