Who is Malaa? The New Tchami & DJ Snake Side Project?


After releasing a remix of Tchami’sAfter Life” last year in a teaser from Tchami and DJ Snake’s video team, and then signing to Tchami’s imprint Confession, people are wondering who this mystery producer Malaa is.

Thanks to a few vigilant Redditors, however, it seems that Malaa is not one but two producers – Tchami and DJ Snake. This would make sense, given Malaa’s heavy involvement with the two, as well as their history of working together, but recent clues have supported it even further.

First, a Facebook event description for SF’s 1015 Folsom listed Malaa as DJ Snake (though it was misspelled MAALA on the page):


Then a tweet from @sydnayyyp identifying the duo was retweeted by DJ Snake himself:


Some have also speculated that labelmate Mercer is in on the project as well. Though there’s been no confirmation from management or the artists on the project’s identity, it’s looking like Malaa may have been found out for now.


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!