Chill Harris aka Kill Paris Releases New GRIZ Remix “Stop Trippin”

Chill Harris, formerly known as Kill Paris, has released his first track under the new moniker – a chilled out, glitchy remix to GRIZ’s “Stop Trippin'”. The track maintains Corey Baker’s top notch production skills, but the new name is certainly a tasteful move in response to Paris’s terror attacks last year. You can support Chill’s new release on Beatport, and read his full statement on rebranding himself below:

Beatport: GRIZ – Stop Trippin’ (Chill Harris Remix)


Since announcing the changing of my artist name, the question of why Chill Harris was chosen has surfaced several times. I want to briefly explain it in order to give you, my fans, a better understanding of the decision. Chill Harris is a nickname that some of my friends call me, mostly because it rhymes with Kill Paris, but, also because the nickname has come to represent a future idea. I have been thinking about taking up a side project under this name and exploring some new musical directions. My music has never been about aggression, but is geared towards being chill, easy going, laid back, and overall about having fun. This is what the side project would have been directed towards. However, instead of having the two aliases, the events in France have convinced me to drop a name that could have negative connotations attached to it; thus allowing me to move into a new day, to explore new sounds, and to keep growing with my current sounds.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on and share my music with so many people in so many different places. I have always felt that music binds us all together and brings positivity into people’s lives. This is truly why I feel blessed to be able to make music and be a part of the joy it brings forth.

As an artist, I want to move forward in a contented direction, and I feel that the name Chill Harris better represents these goals and thoughts about the future.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!