Meek Mill Stirs Up Beef With Drake On ‘Dreamchasers 4’ Snippet


The biggest hip-hop beef of the summer is back. Meek Mill, who supposedly has been working on his Dreamchasers 4 tape for months, posted a video of him rapping along to one of the new tracks. Although he doesn’t mention the 6 god by name, it’s pretty clear who it’s directed at. The line goes “When I was sayin’ shit about the rhymes you aint wrote, I can’t wait till we run into ya, I’ma put a gun in ya”. It seems like Meek Mill is eager to reignite this stupid ass beef even though Drizzy’s last response “Back 2 Back” earned a GRAMMY nod. Honestly this shit is so dumb I can’t believe Meek is trying to get it goin’ again it just makes him look so, so bad. Relax guy.

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