Deadmau5 Speaks Out On Justin Bieber, Skrillex & Why He Goes Off On His Infamous Twitter Rants

So this is why deadmau5 starts all the twitter beef

Posted by Best House Songs on Monday, December 14, 2015

In a world where writing your own lyrics and producing your own music merits minimal integrity, you better believe the “Twitter troll” himself is going to call you out. in a recent Q&A on Deadmau5 TV, Deadmau5 gives his opinion on Justin Bieber‘s new album, Purpose, stating that the album has clean production thanks to Skrillex but that Justin Bieber does not deserve to call it “his own” simply for singing lyrics that someone else most likely wrote.

This is a common issue in the music world and is sure to be a problem until the fans stop supporting these corporate funded “musicians.” Don’t get this twisted though, Justin Bieber is definitely a talented singer and performer that can obviously afford the top producers in the world to work with him. Lets just hope Skrillex is credited when any of the songs on Purpose get an award.

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