Dillon Nathaniel & Dateless – The Works EP [Audiophile XXL Records]

Dillion Nathaniel and Dateless just released their, The Works EP, via Audiophile XXL Records, which I actually heard a while back and couldn’t wait for it to drop! With a collection of five tracks on the EP, each one has an underlying Bass House vibe to it, but after listening to them all, you can tell that each track was carefully crafted to reflect different sampling, tempos, kicks, drops and even some added genres like Dubstep and Deep House.

From talking with many people about this EP, I’ve noticed that everyone has a different ‘favorite track,’ which in my opinion is a good thing because if everyone only liked one of the five, it would mean the other four weren’t up to par. You’ll definitely want to add this to your “Let’s Vibe” or “Go Deeper” playlists, which you can do by downloading the EP below!

Download: Dillon Nathaniel & Dateless – The Works EP

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