[Exclusive Interview] Elephante Talks Future Plans, Dream Venues, Video Games + More

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Here at FITA, we had a chance to ask progressive house producer, Elephante, a few questions about what he has been up to, industry opinions, and of course his favorite food. The easy going, yet hard working progressive house artist continues to pump out content we all enjoy and all for his love of making music. Check out all of Elephante’s answers and even some new music after the jump!

1) What do you do when you’re not making music/touring?

Honestly not a ton… I try to keep it pretty low key in my down time. I play a lot of pickup basketball, get some video games in, and oh I’ve actually been crushing board games with some buddies – mostly catan and game of thrones. Don’t knock it til you try it.

2) You have been releasing a TON of content! Whats next for you? (EP, Album, Tour, Live show, etc.)

I do my best! I love making music and end up with a ton of stuff done, so I really try to release as much as possible. I’ve got another remix coming this year, as well as some DOPE remixes of Age of Innocence… and then for next year I’ve got a few more originals in the chamber and hopefully a tour!

3) So you’ve used your own voice for previous tracks, do you plan on continuing to do so in the future?

Definitely – it’s hard because on the one hand I’d love to sing on everything, but its more important to do what’s right for the song, and a lot of times my voice isn’t quite the right fit. But I have a ton of demos with me singing, a few of those are definitely coming 😈

4) Where has been your favorite place to play so far and why? What is your dream location to perform and why?

I’ve had so many amazing shows across the country, so it’s hard to say… NYC always shows me a ton of love, but the west coast shows always are crazy… also Canada man, I never would have thought it, but they fucking bring it – Montreal is way up there too, plus the food is incredible (poutine is life).

Dream location would be Mars – just saw the Martian and def want to be the first one to throw a rave there.

5) Why are robot noises your favorite? Assuming they are…

Cuz they’re fucking dope man. I don’t know, I grew up playing piano and guitar, so one of the allures of making electronic music is that you can make stuff that literally sounds like ANYTHING. Creating these totally bizarre noises that would sound absurd isolated in real life but fit in and sound really musical in a song is like the coolest thing ever to me.

6) Xbox One or PS4? Why?

Oh man, I actually have both in my apartment 😳 I’ve played xbox for longer, i think Fifa ‘11 is the best game of all time, but I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny on PS4 so its hard to say.

7) If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

The obvious answer is pizza right? Is there a trick to this question? Where do i sign up?

8) Whats your favorite production tool?

This is cheesy but honestly its my guitar – i start all of my music on it or a piano, and I try to think about it as a song before all the robot noises come in. If I had to pick something digital it’s prob be Spire, really into that synth right now, also the classic Waves Soundgoodizer is up there.

9) What is your opinion of the whole EDM world and the EDM buzzword…

I understand the backlash against “EDM”, and its true that a lot of it is pretty generic and blah at this point. But there’s also a ton of amazing music being made, and I think part of it is people wanting to hate cuz its the cool thing to do now, and I just try to focus on all the great stuff out there that excited me. As far as the word, it means such different things to different people, but when you use it as a catchall for any music that’s made on a computer its pretty dumb.

10) As an artist you constantly have to be looking for the next “thing” and innovating yourself. What are your thoughts on creativity and standing out in the industry?

Creativity to me has always been a strange thing to me, I never know where it comes from or where it’s gonna go. To me its really about just making cool music, making music that really excites you personally… because I love my fans, but as soon as I try to make something I think other people will like instead of something I love, it always turns out like shit. There’s a lot that goes on to “stand out” in the industry, and if you’re chasing every new trend just because its what everyone else is doing, you’re gonna have a rough time – I think ultimately it’s just about finding your sound that you’re truly excited about, and hopefully it shines through in the music and everything else will fall into place.

11) Where are you playing in the near future?

I’m really excited about playing OMFG in San Diego for New Years w/ Porter Robinson, Borgore, and Flosstradamus… I’m playing on the 29th, and we’re working on a tour for next year.

12) Is there a stage dive in your future?

I don’t know man, I think it’s like your first kiss, you just gotta wait for the right moment, and hope that you don’t get rejected and eat shit.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!