Hear The Full Version Of Skrillex’s Unreleased Remix Of LH4L Ft. Billion Dollars’s Track “Neoprene”

There’s no question Skrillex has hard drive, upon hard drive, upon hard drive of unreleased music. One of his remixes that was first played at Ultra Music Festival back in March (as Jack Ü), was his unreleased edit of LH4L Ft. Billion Dollars‘s Track “Neoprene” – it was the opening track of that set, btw. People have been looking far and wide for it, and it was actually dropped again in Snails‘s – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol.3 Enter Slugz City, which was released a few days ago.

Well, we finally got our hands on the full version of the track and it’s an absolute MONSTER! Just vintage Skrillex at his best! And we’re not talking new-school, “Justin Bieber” Skrillex, we’re talking 2011-2012 Skrillex – when he was dropping all the dubstep tracks that were making walls fall from how heavy his basslines were. This one is no exception. We’re still not sure about an official release date, or if there will ever be one, but at least you can hear it in full and in CDQ for now.

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