Adele’s ’25’ Album Just Made Stunning History In Its Debut Week


We knew that Adele‘s third studio album, 25, was going to be big, but the numbers it put up in its opening week are absolutely incredible. Officially, in the album’s debut week, 3.38 Million copies were sold, shattering the record previously held by NSYNC‘s 2000 Album, No Strings Attached, which sold 2.42 million copies in it’s opening week. According to Nielsen Music, who began tracking numbers in 1991, Adele broke NSYNC’s record in just three days of 25 being released.

Just as a quick sidenote, Adele and her team decided not to put this album out for streaming – meaning, Apple Music, Spotify and streaming platforms don’t have it available, which may have played into these record shattering numbers (Pandora apparently has it streaming, but it’s because Pandora is legally licensed to stream ANY song with a US Copyright, due to the fact that it doesn’t consider itself a streaming site, but rather, holds itself similar to traditional radio, which doesn’t need Label approval to play music, as long as the radio station pays its annual Federal dues). So maybe her numbers were as staggering as they were because it wasn’t streamed anywhere…for the most part?

Headlined by the hit track, “Hello,” Adele’s accomplishment is one that will certainly be hard to top, considering it took someone close to 16 years to knock NSYNC off the top. Congrats Adele – well deserved!

iTunes: Adele – 25 (Album)


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