Stream Crywolf’s Debut Album ‘Cataclasm’

After months of anticipation, Crywolf’s debut album, Cataclasm has finally arrived! No better person to describe the album than himself so this is what he had to say:

Though I have only been working on this album for about a year or two, I feel like it’s been in the making for five or six. Listening over the final versions of everything, I can’t help but feel like this is the culmination of every single hour of work I have put into developing my artistry and my craft throughout my adult life. I feel, for the first time, like I am truly expressing myself in an unadulterated way; like, though it’s a cheesy term, I have finally “arrived.” This album is what the Crywolf project always was underneath the surface, and finally it’s been unearthed.
So here it is, my debut album. It’s crazy that years of work can be contained inside of a 50 minute batch of audio, but I guess that’s the nature of art and creative endeavors in general. I hope this album takes you to new worlds. Listen late at night, when you are in your room feeling melancholy. Listen when you are on a long drive. I hope it stirs something deep inside of you and inspires you.

Download: Crywolf – Cataclasm (Album)

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