HeRobust – Bottle Swervice

“Ever been to a bass music show in some bottle service club where the security and staff clearly dont want our crowd there? Lol it just makes it that much more fun to go hard. That’s what Bottle Swervice is all about.” -­ Herobust

It is pretty tough to find artists that are truly pushing the limits with EDM. HeRobust is out here making sounds that the average person would call “machine sounds” but to the electronic music listener he is creating sonically unique sounds. His last three releases have been absolute bonkers and his EP “I’m Aloud” is sure to be crushing main stages come festival season. He will be releasing one track at a time until the EP drops on Mad Decent in January of 2016 which is going to be a huge year for him.

Free Download: HeRobust – Bottle Swervice

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