Stream Space Jesus’ ‘Close Encounters’ Album


His Holiness Space Jesus dropped ‘Close Encounters’ this weekend, the filthiest, trippiest album ever. In classic Space Jesus style, the album features glitchy vocals, heavy bass, and an overall trippy vibe that’ll make you wanna get weird. We even get former Toronto mayor Rob Ford with some bars over “L Boat,” which absolutely slaps on its own and features B Riddimz.

The album also features a huge selection of collaborators: Pipus, GDP, Y. Jafar, Lespecial, Soohan, Shape, Honeycomb, Esseks, and Bleep Bloop. You can pick up the album on iTunes and Bandcamp, and Mr. Jesus is offering a 1GB flashdrive limited edition of the album on Bandcamp as well. Check it out below:

Bandcamp: Space Jesus – Close Encounters


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