Martin Garrix Announces Launch of His Own Record Label


Martin Garrix felt the pinch of major labels earlier this year when disputes over ownership rights led him to split from Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars Management. Garrix said in an official statement on the matter:

“I’m extremely disappointed that the discussions have not led to a change in the agreements or return of the ownership rights, and that is why I nullified them.”

Spinnin’ Records had a different take on the situation: “[They] were plainly willing to meet Martijn in his wishes to negotiate the current agreements in his favor. Hereby [they] also confirmed transfer of ownership. Yet Martijn decided to unilaterally end the cooperation…”

Garrix is also allegedly suing his manager Eelko van Kooten for luring him into his contract with “false and misleading information.”

All of these disputes have led to the next logical move for Martin Garrix – the EDM superstar announced on Dutch TV Show DINO that he will be launching his own label imprint. “The label is coming, it’s my own label,” he announced, also noting “I want different genres, not just one.” This doesn’t come as much of a surprise after his recent announcement in an interview with ADE: “Since I’ve recently broke up with my label, I’m gonna try to give more songs away for free.”

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