Alesso Announces An Upcoming Series Of EP’s And His 2016 Tour Schedule

Alesso fans should be stoked about this news. Recently, Alesso announced that he will be releasing a series of EP’s (the first to drop around January 1st, 2016) and that he will only be performing two shows in 2016; both in his native Country Sweden, where he’ll be headlining both Summerburst fest in Gothenburg on May 28th and Summerburst in Stockholm on June 11th. He stated:

“I wanted to limit the amount of appearances I made worldwide in 2016 in order to really focus on the experience, and make it really special. I have a lot of amazing venues lined up. The EP’s will also allow me to capture a period of time or an influence from a particular place and sound then encapsulate it in one piece of work and later move easily into a new phase. I’m 24 and this year is all about experimenting and pushing myself more than ever, both with my music and my shows. And of course, its perfect for me that Sweden is the first announcement.” – ALESSO

Alesso also noted that there will be a few more shows announced along with the new music he drops, but we’re still left in the dark about where and when those shows will take place. Stay tuned for more info and check out Alesso’s teaser video above. With what seems to be so few tour dates and a plethora of new music, we can only hope that his time in the studio pays off with these EPs.

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