SFX Appoints Life in Color’s Sebastian Solano As CEO of ID&T North America/Made Events


Big changes are coming for SFX in hopes to revive the dance music empire. But will this be enough?

Life In Color founder/CEO Sebastian Solano is responsible for growing a college paint party in Florida to a globally touring event that’s sold nearly a half million tickets in 40 countries.

SFX has now appointed Solano as the new CEO for ID&T North America AND Made Events, which include TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland USA, and Electric Zoo.

The move from Robert Sillerman comes after SFX’s flop, which climaxed with thousands of festival attendees getting stranded outside of ID&T’s TomorrowWorld due to the inclement weather.

Solano sat down with Billboard to discuss his plans for rebuilding the company – check out the full interview here.

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