Lil’ Wayne Responds After Miami Home Raided By Police

Lil Wayne’s home in Miami Beach was raided by sheriff’s deputies on a court order to seize assets as part of a civil case. The case stems from a private jet company’s claim that the rapper owed $2 million in missed payments. Signature Group, the jet leasing company, was denied the request to have officers seize assets last month by a Miami-Dade judge. This ruling followed a previous judgement that the rapper did in fact owe the $2 million in missed payments.

It seems there’s been a successful appeal since then, as items such as wrapped artwork were seen being carted into a large truck at the mansion. According to the court order, sheriffs were also granted permission to break locks in an effort to enter the house and confiscate property. In response to the raid, Weezy got deep on his Twitter:

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