Sam Smith – Drowning Shadows


Sam Smith is set to re-release his award-winning album In The Lonely Hour. It will contain hits from the original as well as live versions and covers of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?” and Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is A Losing Game” along with a new song called “Drowning Shadows” which we have for you today.

It was written during the same time as the other In The Lonely Hour tracks but he wasn’t satisfied with it then.

“‘Drowning Shadows’ is the saddest song I’ve ever written and the least radio-friendly song I’ve ever written,” Smith told Zane Lowe. “I wanted to leave people on this artistic little song and this moment. This is proper… really dark.”



1. “Money On My Mind”
2. “Good Thing”
3. “Stay With Me”
4. “Leave Your Lover”
5. “I’m Not The Only One”
6. “I’ve Told You Now”
7. “Like I Can”
8. “Life Support”
9. “Not In That Way”
10. “Lay Me Down”
11. “Restart”
12. “Latch (Acoustic)”
13. “La La La”
14. “Make It to Me”


1. “Drowning Shadows”
2. “Love Is a Losing Game”
3. “Nirvana”
4. “How Will I Know?”
5. “Omen (Acoustic)” feat. Disclosure
6. “Latch” feat. Disclosure (Live from Madison Square Garden, New York)
7. “Stay With Me” feat. Mary J. Blige
8. “I’m Not The Only One” feat. A$AP Rocky
9. “Lay Me Down feat. John Legend


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