Skrillex BLASTS Deadmau5 On Twitter, It Got Ugly


Welcome to 2015: “2 EDM sellouts bitching about who’s got a good label or who’s sad.”

Halloween is always an interesting time. Maybe it’s the alcohol maybe it’s just the spirit of the night… but shit always goes down. But as 2015 has shown, more and more of this shit happens via social media.

No word on what cause this tirade though, but Skrillex absolutely went off on Deadmua5. From personal to professional attacks something made him say he’s had enough of Deadmau5’s trolling, asshole-like antics.

Check it all out below…

skrillex vs. deadmau5 1

skrillex vs deadmau5 2

skrillex vs deadmau5 3

skrillex vs deadmau5 4

skrillex vs deadmau5 5

skrillex vs deadmau5 6


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