Skrillex Flips Marshmello’s “Where Are Ü Now” Remix Originally From Jack Ü


This some is some inception type sh*t if you ask me. Here’s the best way to describe what happened. Jack Ü & The Biebs released “Where Are Ü Now” earlier this year. A few months later, Skrill’s good friend Marshmello (identity here) remixed the original. Pretty easy to follow along right? Well just recently, Skrillex remixed Marshmello’s remix of the original into a perfectly executed Skrillex remix.

So essentially, Skrillex remixed a remix of a Skrillex (Jack Ü) original.

Skrillex was moving us with his music and now he’s moving us with his mind – I’m way too “inceptioned” out right now. Listen to the flip below – both of them.

Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now (Marshmello Remix) [Skrillex Flip]

Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now (Marshmello Remix)

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