Avicii and Sony Unveil New Video Game For Playstation

Music’s all about pushing boundaries, even if that’s pushing into video game territory. The trend started with Rock Band, and DJ Hero soon followed. Now Avicii is bringing EDM to the console. Above is the new trailer for Avicii Vector, what looks like a newer Audiosurf with more firepower and an allegedly more connected environment – 10,000-fans-deep connected. At the Paris Games Week conference, Playstation and Avicii unveiled the new project, describing it as an interactive simulation of the concert experience. The Swedish producer emphasized the interactive element of the game: “The game allows you to be creative, designing your own levels as well as playing against other players, capturing the feeling of being at a live concert with over 10,000 fans.” Expectations are high if Mr. Berg produces his games like his music.

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