Markus Schulz Ft. Soundland – Facedown [Music Video]

Markus Schulz just stepped way out of his comfort zone for his newest track. This is what he had to say about “Facedown” with the Romanian DJ Duo known as Soundland:

I am very honored to present to you the official video of my new single “Facedown”.
I wrote this story inspired by you, my fans. I wanted you to see a part of my soul that you haven`t seen before using only guitars and drums, and this is my gift for you.
There’s a quote in Romanian – “dar din dar se face raiul” which basically means…If someone does something good for you, pass on the good fortune to someone else and the world will be a heavenly place.
So I hope you share my gift for you with all your friends on your Facebook page.
With love,

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