Bright Lights Ft. 3LAU – Runaway

For the 4th time, Bright Lights and 3LAU link up for an amazing tune. This is what Justin had to say about “Runaway“:

I’ve always been dedicated to trying new things, and never repeating myself creatively. This was a pretty big departure from what I normally do, but I’m beyond stoked with the result and I REALLY hope you are too! My 4th record with Bright Lights and definitely a personal favorite, “Runaway” pulls influence from lots of different genres: from trap to pop to experimental dance. Heather and I wanted to go against the grain, but maintain familiarity and musicality; we hope you think we succeeded. BUT, most importantly, we hope you go absolutely apeshit wild while listening to this, the same way we do ;)
Much Love,
– Justin

Download: Bright Lights Ft. 3LAU – Runaway

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