Hurts – Lights (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

The Rooftop Boys have been killing remixes left and right this year, so naturally, here’s another. Today we have their official remix of “Lights” by Hurts and it is perfection. Check out their night-bass remix above, stay tuned for the official release, and read about the track after the jump.


– Hurts wrote the song ‘Lights’ after giving a stripper all of their money for lap dances.

– Other information points to the stripper being extremely ugly, like Hilary-Clinton-busted, hence why it was needed to ‘turn off the lights’.

– As most know, The UK is a very cold and gloomy place. So to no surprise, there was a local strip club called Blue Balls. Instead of of bikinis, the strippers wore onesies with butt flaps, and the most popular dance is a lap dance with the butt flap down. This strip club is where Hurts caught their big break. Every Friday, they played at happy hour and one day, a VP from a major record label heard the boys performing. The rest is history.

– The lead singer of Hurts wasn’t asked to the Sadey Hawkins Dance in 6th grade. To this day, he still hasn’t gotten over it, which is why he really ‘knows what is feels like to dance alone’.

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