Elephante Ft. Trouze & Damon Sharpe – Age Of Innocence [Free Download]

Elephante is a progressive & electro house producer/DJ based in Los Angeles. His sound combines big room melodic house with influences from pop, electro, and trap. Today we have his newest masterpiece, “Age Of Innocence,” featuring Trouze & Damon Sharpe. This is what he had to say about the release:

this is a song about that moment when you were younger, where everything was beautiful and magical, and you weren’t weighed down or beaten up or jaded by the world yet. when you’d look into the forest and think “fuck i can’t wait to climb all those trees”, instead of “uh oh, there are probably snakes and bugs and nope”. so let’s take it back… its the most important song to me that i’ve made so far, hope you love it… ENJOY <3

Download: Elephante Ft. Trouze & Damon Sharpe – Age Of Innocence | Extended Mix

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