[UPDATE] There’s A Rumor Taylor Swift Broke Up With Calvin Harris Over A Happy Ending Massage Parlor Visit…

Photo Credit: Photo by Kevin Mazur/BMA2015/WireImage

UPDATE: It’s settled then…

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So there’s this rumor going around (unconfirmed), that Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris because Harris, went to get a massage at a parlor, to get a massage, that is famous for happy endings. Now let’s take this with a grain of salt because we’re still waiting on confirmation, but if it is true – WTF is Swift thinking? He’s the #1 money making DJ on the planet, probably the best you’ll ever do (sorry I’m not sorry for saying that), and if anything, a couples therapy session is in place because obviously Calvin went to this Massage Parlor and, may or may not have gotten a happy ending, because you’re not doing something right. I mean, c’mon – how hard is a hand job ladies?

If true – wouldn’t be surprised to see: Taylor Swift – OTPHJ (Original) on her next album.


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