Crywolf Amazes With “Wake” [E-Bow]

Holy shit, Crywolf just released this epic masterpiece. If you’re looking for a song that you will listen to several times and just admire the work put into it then go no further than “Wake.” This song is inspired by his cross country trek at 19 on the back of a motorcycle. Justin Phillips really shows his emotional side with this one.

“Wake” is one song off his upcoming LP due out in November. Knowing Justin the rest of the LP will be just as good (if not better) as this one.

“= W A K E [ E – B O W ] =
When I was 19 I had a sort of existential crisis; I dropped out of school, bought a motorcycle, and took off on a 3 month trip roaming the U.S., just couch surfing with strangers and meeting new people in each city. I was reckless; flying down highways and back roads all day long at obscene speeds. I think I was looking for something, but I didn’t really know what it was yet.
I used to listen to this song, “Wrapped In Piano Strings” by Radical Face as I sped over mountains and through the desert on my bike. The wind biting at my face, this fluttering in my chest… it was like I was escaping everything I knew, everything that was familiar. When the climax of the song was approaching, I would put my head down and just completely open up the throttle. The feeling it gave me was one of the most beautiful I have ever felt. It was like a religious experience. It brought me close to tears a few times. For the first time, I saw the world as profoundly beautiful. This song is inspired by that feeling… Escaping the familiar, venturing into the unknown.

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