Charley Marley – Bad Things With Jamaicans

You won’t believe me when I say I discovered this song thanks to a Cobra Starship repost on Soundcloud, but that’s how it went down. “Bad Things With Jamaicans” is Charley Marley‘s debut single. Since its release 29 days ago, the London UK artist has exploded with over 350K plays on Soundcloud.

It’s really refreshing. Kinda got a future pop funk feel to it – I had a very similar reaction to “Uptown Funk” before its inevitable chart-topping success. This one definitely has massive potential as it makes its way to the U.S. In the meantime, you can catch him on tour in UK with Fall Out Boy – Pete Wentz is the reason we’re all hearing this song today as it’s out on his label. Beats 1 Radio premiere with Zane Lowe.

Also the story behind Charley Marley’s name and background, and this song, is pretty cool. You can read it below.

“I’m Charley Marley, I’m from London and I make music. Growing up I listened to punk, reggae and hiphop (Jimmy Cliff, The Clash, The Slickers, Toots and the Maytals, the damned, etc.), I try to bring out my experiences in the shit I put together. I’ve never really had a job but made money in the night club world since I was too young to be there, mainly spinning tunes and throwing parties. The first night I ran was at a tiny but legendary Caribbean spot in west London called the Globe. It’s a gritty basement where anything goes. One night an old dread regular there saw me coming in with my guitar and shouted “Oi, play me a tune Charley Marley”. From that moment I knew if I ever dropped tunes solo – that’s who I’d be.

So it feels right that my first single “Bad Things With Jamaicans” talks about my time spent there. It feels like a perfect snapshot of those nights and anyone who partied with us will know exactly what I’m on about. After writing a bunch of tunes I got an email out of the blue from Pete Wentz who heard my stuff through a friend. It was a pretty surreal moment… He said when he first heard the tune he happened to be in Jamaica and it must of struck a chord because he wanted to meet. As I’m typing this, I still can’t believe it.

Now I’m proud to say the track is out on his label DCD2 and the one and only Zane Lowe is premiering it on Beats 1. As the first English brother on the roster, I’m proud to be flying the flag for my ends, my friends, and the entire UK.

Hope you guys feel my stuff. Please message me on Twitter, Instagram, etc to say what’s good. Lovely to meet you.

p.s. if you’re in the UK/EU, come see the band and I on tour with Fall Out Boy this autumn.”

Download: Charley Marley – Bad Things With Jamaicans

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