Prince Fox Goes Future Pop With “Heartbeat Darkside”

NYC DJ/Producer Prince Fox has been making quite a name for himself with his incredibly sexy productions. Today we have “Heartbeat Darkside,” an amazing future pop tune featuring Thewz. This is what he had to say about the release:

Thewz was actually my roommate at NYU, and after we both moved out, a few weeks later he sent me a three minute long acapella, of him singing and rapping. I liked it a lot (obviously) so I cut up his words and re pitched, timed, and tuned them for him to re perform it, so it fit what I was working on…and that’s kind of how ‘Heartbeat Darkside’ came to life. To me it’s a really special one because, we’ve all been in relationships with people where you are skeptical of the persons love and intent, yet you’re sure they are too, but at the end of the day/night you end up close enough just listening ‘to the sound of [their] heart beat’ Additional thanks to @republicrecords and @casablancarecords for putting this out. This track and all others on the EP will be available 10/9 on all major digital outlets.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!