The Chainsmokers Ft. ROZES – Roses (Two Friends Remix) [Free Download]

Two Friends music. Do you even want a write-up. Do we need one? DOES ANYONE READ BLOGGERS WORDS ANYMORE. Just kidding, but yeah I highly recommend checking out this track because it’s labeled “soul house” and is all like doo doo doo and then clap clap clap and say you’lllll never let me goooo. Go what? Go poop?

This is what happens when you give bloggers too much coffee and good speakers. Umm what else. Free Download. Extended mixes and haiku in soundcloud description. Go follow these guys on myspace and download their stuff on limewire because it’s super dope.

Download: The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES – Roses (Two Friends Remix)

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