Stephen – Fly Down

So the re-brand from Stephen Swartz to Stephen (deep stuff, I know) has been an amazing journey. I highly recommend going to check out some of the entries on his website SincerelyStephen as it will help you enjoy the much deeper aspect of the art he is now producing. Once you have done that, go check out “Remembering Myself” if you haven’t already because got damn got damn…..

“Fly Down” beats out “Remembering Myself” which is saying a lot. A mixture of piano, Stephen’s voice, and electronic elements make this one a must-purchase for music fans of any genre. This line on his soundcloud says it all. “Written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Stephen”. How many artists you know that have those credits in their repertoire.

I know they have huge plans for the rest of Stephen’s eventually releases and if the artistic value we are already being presented means anything…. the videos to accompany the tracks are going to be epic.

Purchase: Stephen – Fly Down

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