Hopsin Trolls The Absolute Living Shit Out Of Future With New Track

So I already know how this internet beef will go down. Hopsin makes a track called “No Words” about how Future’s lyrics are basically indistinguishable on tracks and it’s just trap beats and autotune. Future will tweet about how much more money he has made than Hop. Real hip-hop heads will still respect Hopsin more. The end.

Seriously though, I’m glad someone steps up and speaks about this. I live in ATL and if I turn on their hip-hop stations it’s like inadmissible bs spewed through my speakers with a dope trap beat. Then you mother fuckers catch on to the hook and make them go viral and then they spew out two more shitty songs before their label drops them. Keep doing you Hopsin.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!