Grandtheft – Quit This City (feat. Lowell) + EP Release Date

Grandtheft is back with another extremely awesome pop feel song. He has a 7 track EP coming out that you can download it or stream it via iTunes or Spotify. Unfortunately the EP won’t be released until October 30th but you can Pre-Order ‘Quit This City’ and get this song instantly.

“Grandtheft’s showcases his finesse in his new Quit This City EP. While Quit This City stays true to the club sound we know and love from Grandtheft, the collaborations and features are far-ranging and diverse. Each of the 7 tracks adds a new sound, dimension but artfully weaves together to create the EP’s enticing narrative. The title track Quit This City sets the tone and imparts a rejuvenating sincerity and honest quality that is rare nowadays. This EP is the perfect way to welcome Fall with its richer melodies & deeper basslines.”

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!