Aash Mehta – 2AM (ft. Jean-Luc)

Class can’t stop UMich student, Aash Mehta, from producing. He’s at it again with his new song “2 AM” that we’re all feeling is about to be a hit. The title fits perfectly with the late night vibes this future pop song gives off. On this track Aash teamed up with the NYC based singer Jean – Luc, both artists are managed by Moshpit Management and the duo def works. The guys are calling their collaboration on this track a late night anthem so…. calling all frats crank this shit up! The song is different and catchy to say the least, the lyrics work with the relatable story behind them and the repetitive “lets make some trouble” speaks to everyone, cause lets be real thats about to happen for everyone tonight.

Aash’s tracks have been big in the past six months and he has gained a huge following. His track Falling Free ft. Veela has garnered over 160K views. Both artists are putting out sick tracks in a few weeks so keep your ears open (and your fists in the air).

2AM is never the end of the night – it’s just the beginning.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!