Watch Grandparents Get High And Try To Describe 2 Chainz, Fetty Wap, & Rich Homie Quan

Grandparents Get High & Listen to Trap MusicGrandparents Get High & Listen to Trap MusicHaha! Share this!Like my page -> Mac Lethal

Posted by Mac Lethal on Friday, September 18, 2015


So the newest internet trend is to get old people to do drugs and then describe things. This time it’s old people getting high (I only saw the grandma take a hit) and listening to hip-hop music. All the EDM blogs are listing this as trap music for clicks, but how often do people even refer to rap as trap music with all the rave kids and their pretend “trap” music. Anyways, it’s pretty funny to see Jimmie try to imitate Fetty & Rich Homie Quan’s flow. Like this is what society wants these days.

Pretty funny video from Mac Lethal and his team doe.

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