Dani Deahl & RROID DRAZR Talk History, Pranks, Upcoming Music + More [Exclusive Interview]


Few in electronic music do as much as Chicago’s Dani Deahl. Counting credits as a DJ, producer, journalist and blogger, Dani’s reach within electro is all encompassing. New Orleans, Louisiana-based producer RROID DRAZR has been making some serious noise in the EDM community as of late. We at FITA were lucky enough to sit down with them during their #SMYK Tour at their NYC show to discuss their histories, pranking while on tour, the EDM scenes in Chicago & NOLA, and much more in this exclusive interview.


1) What is the history of Dani Deahl & RROID DRAZR and where did you get started?
D – I grew up as a big nerd, kind of a social outcast in school so parties were the first place I felt I had a community of friends and that’s where I felt in love with music and I wanted to teach myself to DJ from there. The love for the music was connected with the feeling of inclusion and acceptance. I have 1 tattoo, on the back of my neck, it’s the waveform from the first piece of vinyl when I decided I wanted to DJ. That vinyl was Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
R – I started in 1999 – 2000 started going to the State Palace Theater which was started by Disco Donnie and I grew up with him and I was one of the youngest people there. Everyone there was a DJ and one day I just picked it up one day and never really looked back. The name RROID DRAZR came from when I used to work from Verizon Wireless. It started as a joke and it was around the same time as Mord Fustang was getting recognized. So I made a track and released it on Beatport and it charted for weeks so I was like “Can’t change the name now.”

2) How is the EDM scene in Chicago/NOLA VS other cities in USA?
D – Chicago is the birthplace of House Music. In Chicago, you can still go out on any day and see all the icons that really influenced and shaped a genre that the city is known for; we actually have a block named after Frankie Knuckles. So Chicago as a city is very inclusive of the history of the music and the underground scene is very strong because of that.
R – NOLA is a bag of everything. You can go to one club and hear house, but now it’s very bass-oriented. Everything from trap to dubstep – bounce is really big still. It’s a real young crowd that loves bass music. We have BUKU Festival down there which is getting bigger and bigger. NOLA is a very fun city where everyone wants to have fun.

3) How do you prepare for a show?
D & R – Shots

4) What has been your favorite performance on tour?
R – Madison, Wisconsin
D – Trap House – Chicago

5) What do you listen to daily?
D – Drake, all we listen to in the car is Drake. Our merch girl only wants to listen to Drake so we’ve listened to every Drake album on repeat in the car. Also Ghastly & Snails VIP to “King Is Back”
R – I know every Drake song now, we need to get a new CD in the car. Also Getter’s remix to “Pump This”

6) So what’s with the pranks on tour?
D – You don’t wake up last with us. After every show, you know, you’re tired, so you gotta respect that. But when it’s the morning and we need to hit the road, everyone’s gotta get their ass up, so don’t be the last one up.
R – I woke up last. So I get woken up by ice-cold freezing water.
D – So many people have asked me to sample his scream from the prank video, so we may have to do something with that.

7) Do you prefer to make originals or remixes?
R – I think remixes are fun so I prefer to make them. But nowadays I think it’s better to write originals with all the copyright stuff going on. I prefer to start with remixes though because they are fun and you can put your twist on things.

8) What is the average day in your life?
D – To be honest it’s a lot of sitting at the computer in my pajamas.
R – I don’t leave my studio all day long.
D – People think that being a DJ is so exciting, it’s not. It’s a lot of staring at the computer screen.
R – Toughest thing for me is to close Facebook and focus on music.

9) What are you currently working on?
R – I just finished a track with Fly Boi Keno and we just signed the track to Play Me Records which is a label I have been a fan of for a while. Other than the track, I haven’t been working on much new music while on tour.
D – I don’t want to be boxed into a genre. I have a single coming out in a few weeks with Trapstyle. I am working with a pop band The Jealous so I have been producing some tracks with them. After that, I am helping a trap guy in the south to help produce some stuff with him. I am trying to move into an executive producer role for some artists.

10) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
D – Invisibility
R – Teleportation

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!