Nora En Pure Talks Dream Collabs, The State Of EDM, Upcoming Music + More [Exclusive Interview]


Swiss based South African DJ, producer and musical maverick Nora En Pure is someone who connects dots between different and disparate sounds, styles and scenes with ease. We at FITA were lucky enough to sit down with her after her set at BangOn!NYC: Elements Music & Arts Festival to discuss her history, her dream collabs, her favorite performances, and much, much more in this exclusive interview.


1) What is the history of Nora En Pure? Where did you get started, why the name Nora En Pure?
That was a long time ago and I honestly can’t remember exactly how I got to this combination, but the name is special and unique. I wanted something original that once you know it you won’t forget it so quickly.

2) How do you prepare and what get’s you most amped during your set?
For my sets I always like to have a few different options prepared, you never know in what mood the crowd is or what they are up for. So it’s quite rare for me to have a completely prepared set. Most exciting for me is to play new tracks, also if they are not my own. Or a bit more “risky” tracks that are genre-crossing & hoping the crowd takes it well ☺

3) What has been your favorite show to date? What’s the craziest party you’ve ever been to?
With my sound people usually don’t go completely crazy, but there are definitely good vibes around. Mysteryland was one of my favourite festivals this year, also Bang!On NYC had set up one of the coolest rustic festivals I had been to this year, with BMX riders jumping next to my stage, fire breathers and other artists creating an amazing atmosphere.

4) What are the Top 5 songs on your iPod/that you listen to everyday?
I don’t really listen to music like that anymore. If I go around with headphones, there’s either no music playing at all in order to have more silence or if music, then mostly classic music, movie soundtracks or similar.

5) Being from South Africa and based in Zurich, you must travel a lot, what is the furthest from home you’ve traveled for a show?
The furthest was Australia so far. The flights and time differences are impressive and quite tough to handle! November this year I’ll be playing at the YourParadise festival in Fiji, which will be quite a bit further still, but I can’t wait for it. Looks like it’s going to be epic!

6) How is the EDM scene in South Africa vs USA vs Europe?
I feel that South Africa & US are a bit more up to party than Europe. Europe is a little bit more laid back and chilled while the crowds in US or SA are often young, enthusiastic and appreciate a bit more up tempo, house sets.

7) You just uploaded your remix of Paul Harris & Dragonette’s “One Night Lover” – do you prefer to make originals or remixes and why?
I enjoy both. Remixes are sometimes a little more fun as you have often great vocals given already and other parts that lead your path a bit. Originals can be more difficult as you have to come up with ideas. In the process of creation you can quickly feel insecure and become quite frustrated if you are not completely happy with the turn out.

8) Who/what inspires you?
Nature inspires me most. Meaningful & touching things inspire me. I don’t like superficiality – not in music & not in people.

9) If you could collab with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Currently I enjoy acts like Disclosure, Flume etc. I think that could be quite fun to do such a remix. Otherwise I have always admired bands like U2, Coldplay (more in early stages) Nirvana and so on.

10) We saw you at Mysteryland USA and now at Elements Festival, so what has been your most memorable festival experience?
Perfect! So you were at some of my favourite festivals of this year  Some other favourite festivals were in my home country South Africa and in the Netherlands! I liked the energy of these places. Weather was brilliant, vibe perfect, people happy. I couldn’t ask for more.

11) What is the average day in the life of Nora En Pure?
There is luckily not an average day. I’d get too bored. But when I m home from touring I try to catch up with friends & family and have some quality time with my amazing little Jack Russell. Time seems to fly by and there are a lot of things to do between touring. There’s always something going on.

12) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I take life as it comes. I have many visions and many interests. I pursue things as long as they fulfill me, as soon as that changes, I’ll move on to do something new. In that sense I have no clue where I will be and that’s very fine. I’m not a big fan of long term plans.

13) As many artists nowadays are branching out into many different subgenres, what are your plans regarding genre expanding?
I don’t really see genres, I prefer to just deliver good music. At the moment people appreciate my sound and it’s pretty unique so I’ll stick with that.

14) How do you feel about the growth of EDM? Where do you see it going?
Well the market is super oversaturated and it’s tough to not get lost in the whole circus. Same thing applies to finding new innovative artists. It’s difficult to do your own new thing and standing out as there is so much already. I think many people are also ready for a next step. There are many live-performers in electronic music, which combine electronic music with real instruments and so on. I have also always enjoyed that and I think people start to appreciate again original, live-performed music.

15) What are your future plans? EP/Album? Etc?
There were many releases now recently like the Saltwater rework, the Solero EP collaboration with the Sons Of Maria and there are still many remixes coming out these days. There’s the RÜFÜS remix, Paul Harris & Dragonette remix both on my SoundCloud and soon an Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank remix. I’m sure till the end of the year there will be another EP ready and I am also working on a collab with Dutch duo Redondo.

16) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Time travel would be the ultimate thing for me! 

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!