Hardwell & Armin Van Buuren – Off The Hook

Welp, this may be the biggest collaboration of 2015. The reigning world’s #1 DJ Hardwell links up with GRAMMY nominated Armin van Buuren (who himself has landed in the top 3 ten years in a row) for “Off The Hook.” It was originally premiered at Ultra, and now it’s been officially revealed (no pun intended). Out September 14th on Revealed Recordings. I will say, it’s pretty phat albeit slightly underwhelming given the names associated, but it’ll do. I personally want more (like 5 minutes more) of the 1:55-2:05 bit.

“The Original Mix welcomes the listener with a cheerful, percussive horn on the intro that builds to a tantalizing, teasing signature synthesizer lead instantly recognizable by anyone who’s attended an electronic dance music (EDM) festival this summer. This was a monumental summer track that received a reliably massive reaction every time Hardwell or Armin played it. At one point, the tempo slows seductively before ramping back up to full-throttle again and club-goers can feel sonic showers raining down on them as the whopping chorus crashes overhead. There’s an interlude sans percussion with beautiful, soaring orchestral strings and a melodic synth mirroring the main lead. It’s truly remarkable that these two winning producers could pack so much oomph into one track, because there’s yet another interpretation of the main lead that feels distinctly inspirational and uplifting in a way not heard elsewhere in this track, even though the notes played are identical. Before long, the tweaky horns re-enter and build to a frantic tempo that sounds chaotic as it crashes down again into the chorus, this time even bigger, badder and more furious than before. Here is an epic tune that will flatten everything in its path. The Radio Edit cuts immediately to the main synth lead. It takes the Original Mix and boils it down to the most essential parts, compacting them tighter and squeezing out the air until only the key elements remain. The Radio Edit of “Off The Hook” is ideally suited for today’s youth. It’s perfect for those who have the shortest of attention spans.”

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