Watch The Chainsmokers Prepare Shaq For His TomorrowWorld Set

This is pure gold. Let’s get the two whitest guys in EDM to teach the great Shaq Diesel how to properly DJ his set at TomorrowWorld. They attempt to teach Shaq some dance moves, what attire to wear (throwback jerseys are in), and how to crowd surf (terrible idea). Shaq is actually a platinum selling rapper so who is teaching who here? He told them a few times that they need to blacken it up.

Also if you hated on Shaq playing at TW you are the worst kind of person. I guarantee you he’s not taking a spot from your favorite mid-level DJ. If anything he just replaced a spot from one of those top 100 DJs who are paying for a spot on the mainstage to boost their numbers. I personally will be attending his set and can’t wait to see his big ass sweating all over the stage.

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