Kygo – Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

Kygo‘s, “Nothing Left,” gets the Deep House remix treatment from The Golden Pony, and man do these guys crush it! The deep house vibes mixed with the vocals from the original track make this remix one that’ll be tough to top. Here’s what the guys had to say about the track:

“We remember seeing Kygo’s remix’s on Soundcloud a few years back and thinking that it was a fresh and interesting sound. Little did we know he would ultimately create a whole new sub genre of music, and that his signature metallic plucks are now being incorporated into a wide variety of musical styles from Trap to Pop music!

The vocal in “Nothing Left” really grabbed us as it has a soulful, almost gospel quality, which is something we gravitate towards. We sped up the vocal considerably to get it to a house music tempo (which luckily worked out), and then worked on getting some bangin’ bass and drum rhythms that will fit into our dj sets!” – The Golden Pony

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