Must Hear: New Artist Stephen Drops Breathtaking Debut Single “Remembering Myself”

Oh man, this is one of those songs that you just take a step back and say “Wow”. Like you know how we had baby boomers…. there’s going to be an entire generation called “Stephen Boomers” from the amount of babies that will be made to this track. Technically Stephen has dropped amazing music before, but that wasn’t enough for him. You may remember his track “Bullet Train” that amassed over 130M+ streams.

That wasn’t enough for Stephen. He took a step back, dropped the Swartz, worked on his production, vocals, instrumental abilities for what has been almost 2 years now.. and well the results alone speak for themselves. This right here is the evolution of electronic music as a whole. You all can keep posting about a bubble or labeling electronic music as “Sonic Ear Rape”, but just like any form of art it’s going to evolve.

These credits alone explain what it will take to survive in the ever-changing music scene: Written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Stephen Swartz. This song also marks the inaugural release of LA-based label collective, Halfway House.

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