John Dahlbäck Releases “Raven,” Talks Record Label, Preparation & More [Exclusive Interview]

Label owner, producer, remixer and DJ: there isn’t much John Dahlbäck hasn’t done during his decade-young career. With his upcoming album on the way, and the first single “Raven” being released, we at FITA got to sit down with the man himself to discuss the album, the track, his label, and much more in this exclusive interview!


Download: John Dahlbäck – Raven

What has been your main inspiration/motivation?
I just love making music – I never thought it was going to be like this. I used to basically want to survive making music. I don’t care about being the number one DJ or whatever I just want to stay in my house and make music. I don’t want a real job – I never had a real job haha.

What gets you amped during a performance?
Getting amped is a process and there are a couple of stages. The first stage is that there has to be a good sound system. If the sound is good, I like it, and the crowd will like it. Another stage is the crowd. The crowd reacting to songs, lights, etc – that is really important.

How do you prepare for a performance?
I prepare like a week in advance and then on the actual date I sort of don’t prepare anything and just try to rest.

Do you prefer to play your older tracks or just your newer releases?
I can play my old music too if i make a new sort of remix or mashup to it because the problem I have is that some of my old stuff sounds really weird compared to my new songs. So if I play something old you can tell in terms of sound so thats why I make a little edit.

Your new release “Raven” has been getting a good amount of support, what was the inspiration of the track and the significance of the Raven?
I honestly can’t remember where the inspiration came from, but I made this track at this hotel somewhere after a show. I couldn’t stop working on it so I completed the track in like 4 hours. I was so hyped up and I wanted to use a very hypnotic piano line. The break down is very funky and fun. And while the drop is very strict, I thought it sounded ok at first, and then I played it out for the first time and was like ‘Wow this is huge yeah!’ so I finished it in 3-4 hours and thats the version thats out now.

You are a DJ, Producer, and you own a Record Label, so how do you find time to balance everything and when you do have free time, how do you relax?
I think it is more work for my manager trying to balance my life properly haha. When I do get some free time, I like to play some video games and hangout with my family and friends. I really like Call Of Duty – I sit down and scream at 12 year old kids through the microphone.

Can you talk about your label Mutants?
I try to sign only up and coming artists because if you have your own label you need to give others the chance to get their music heard by the world. The feeling I get is very rewarding and it is nice to have new people. We are going to release a compilation soon with only unknown people so I’m very happy to have these people on board!

What do you like to listen to?
I don’t listen much to house when I’m home, I listen to alot of old school hip hop, soul, and jazz. I tend to not listen to house music at all – I listen to it every day in the studio and after 8 hours I’m just sick of it. My iPod doesn’t have any music on it except my own album and when I’m home I don’t even have a stereo its very music-free in my house.

If you were to sing a song on American Idol, what would it be?
The Swedish National Anthem or something weird – I have no idea I’ve never sang in front of people…..maybe i can rap!

What are your upcoming plans?
I’m finishing the album now and then straight after that I’m just guna start the next one. I’m so in an ‘album mode’ I’m just going to keep making music. It’s fun being this way – it’s like when you write a book or whatever project you’re working on in the beginning thats the most fun part so I always want to be creating something.

If you can have any superpower, what would it be?
To fly really quick because if I fly really slow then that would just be painful.

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