Krewella Settle $5 Mil Lawsuit With Ex-Bandmate Kris Trindl aka Rain Man

krewella lawsuitPhoto Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Looks like the dust has settled between the Krewella sisters Jahan and Yasmine and founding father KrisRain ManTrindl. The trio caused quite the stir when one of the industries brightest stars hit the gossip circle about a breakup, ending in a $5 million lawsuit filed by Kris, followed by a countersuit from the now duo the Krew.

Word is, the legal “battle” is officially over and that the sisters had received settlement paperwork mid-July. Their camp refused to comment though and specifics of the settlement have yet to be released.

And while they didn’t go into details, they did touch on the chaos and gossip that came about the fiasco, including the Op-Ed Jahan wrote “Deadmau5 Saved Me From Going Into Porn” a while back talking about sexism and internet bullying.

“People went immediately into believing everything that they read…” said Jahan. “People wanted to immediately jump to these conclusions that ‘Of course they’re women, they use their sex to sell the group. They manipulate men in the industry. They can’t be trusted.’ And those were the constant themes that we kept seeing.”

Since, Krewella have been fairly quiet, releasing just “Somewhere To Run” and “Say Goodbye.” Meanwhile, Rain Man has released “Visionary” on Buygore and dabbled with a new side project called Hunter Square.

Now, bring on the music.


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