Avicii Announces ‘Stories’ Album Release Date & Two More Singles


Avicii has been dropping singles off this album for about a year now, so it’s about damn time we get the finished product. Avicii announced that you can begin pre-ordering Stories on August 28th and it will be dropping September 25th. Along with the pre-order on the 28th you can download two new singles titled “For A Better Day” and “Pure Grinding” (hoping that last one isn’t referring to molly).

From the press blast:

New singles ‘For A Better Day’ – a lush, uplifting contemporary ballad – and the cinematic, hip-hop slanted ‘Pure Grinding’ serve as perfect cases in point, with both showcasing Avicii’s ability to meld together both traditional and electronic styles in new ways within his own music.

He’s also apparently going to try out his singing voice on one of the tracks which seems to be something every producer attempts to try once. (Please never rap again Borgore)

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