Dan Bilzerian & Deadmau5 Duke It Out On Twitter

She can't swim, but her tits are real, and today was nice 📷 @playmatekhloeterae

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Dan Bilzerian is living quite the life. But then again, so is Deadmau5. And they both have pretty intense personalities, which in this day and age that’s just a recipe for yet another Twitter war.

So, naturally, this happened:

But what caused such a low blow? Well, that would be an acquiantance of Dan, who basically wished Joel would die.

And that’s it for now… but we’re waiting for a coffee run between the two soon.

Also, Dan’s life isn’t fair.

I said I wanna go to the gym… She said that position is called the sexual frog

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My music teacher said i had to learn to play an instrument to be a rockstar, that was also a lie

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Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!