Shia LaBeouf Has Tupac Thigh Tattoo


Shia Labeouf has been everywhere as of late. Whether it’s his motivational videos and their remixes, facetiming Megan Fox, or supposedly “freestyling” some borrowed lyrics for his admirers… Shia’s PR team definitely has him at the tips of our tongues (he’s working his way up to Jenner/Kardashian status).

Now we have possibly the most ridiculous thing he has done yet, and that’s saying a lot. Via cutoff khaki shorts in LA we get Shia’s newest tattoo in all it’s glory.

Drumroll please………….


Either you can’t make out what it is or it’s exactly what you think it is. A mother fuggin tattoo of the late great Tupac in caricature form. There’s not more analysis I can give here except to not let your children do drugs.

Also hit the gym dude.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!