Deluka – Home (Elephante Remix) [Free Download]

Elephante has been making some serious moves in the music world as of late, but no matter how big this dude get and how many originals he begins to put out, there’s always room for a good ole’ fashion Elephante Remix. Flipping, “Home,” from the Indie Rock group, Deluka, Elephante does a great job of staying true to the original’s theme, while adding his classic progressive house melody to the mix. Here’s what he had to say about the track:

So i’ve been listening to a lot of indie rock lately, and the original by Deluka was one of those really special songs that blew me away… it’s such a beautiful and uplifting thing, i tried to really preserve that feeling and add my own flair to it. i recorded some live instruments over it to try to keep it feeling really natural but also added some weird robot shit cuz i can’t help myself. like the bubbly sounding thing at the beginning is one of my favorite sounds i’ve made in awhile, def gave myself a high five for that one. anyway, make sure you grab your free download, and ENJOY!!! a lot more new music coming soon.” – Elephante

Free Download: Deluka – Home (Elephante Remix)

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